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Be Honest

    The reflection of my true self
    Never leave this path
    Only that I could not see it
    Envy had blinded me
    Made good seems bad
    Made bad be the worst

    I used to think that I would be happy
    If only I was like them
    Grab anything I want
    Become whoever I wanna be
    Walking through every road I desire
    Talking to everyone whom I am interested to

    Yet, deep inside this heart of mine
    I realize those were just lies
    Those were anyone’s life but me
    Being comfortable is surely great
    But comfortable not always mean happy
    Because of ways that created the me now
    were rough battles
    were long and difficult roads
    were waves that shake me out
    were jungles and deserts that hard and unpredictable
    This is the way I am
    Being happy just means that I’ve to stop lying
    To my own self…

    * My room, 06 September 2012
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What does live mean?

    Whenever I put it in my mind
    the answer never be the same
    sometimes I see it as blessing
    sometimes it becomes so cruel

    whenever I ask about it
    people always turn it around and around
    never meet a point

    once, I feel I’m on it
    another time, I’m going crazy for losing my path

    sometimes, I think I’m adult
    but then I’d rather to be a child

    human is fragile
    no matter male or female
    human can easily broken
    eventhough they hold a lot of power

    what is that?
    how it feels?
    does it matter?
    I…don’t think I know

    Bitter or sweet
    or both
    it goes as a cycle
    once laugh,once cry
    just try to keep move on
    because sometimes things don’t need explanation

    Just believe…
    and flow as the wind blows…

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