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The One For Me!

      When I’m looking inside
      deeply into my own heart
      I wonder who I really am…

      Sometimes I feel sorry
      Sometimes I feel worry
      about something that
      even, I don’t know what it is exactly

      I continue wandering alone…
      am I?
      am I really alone?

      Yet, I can hear those voices
      laughing cheerfully
      crying because of pain
      talking about good things
      living in a convenience neighbourhood…

      But that world was not belong to me…
      Somehow,I feel lonely in this heavy road

      God, is there someone outside?
      who could cheer me up
      who would catch my tears
      who encouraged me
      who would cry to feel my pain
      who would smile because I’m feeling happy
      who hold my hand and pull me to the right path
      who could understand my thought,my heart
      without me needing to speak a word

      When I was going to walk along the path
      I realized the most important thing
      the thing that I didn’t realize before
      Why did I go this far?

      The One I need…
      The One that will never hurt my pride
      The One who Knows me the most…
      Always be here with me…
      A faith…
      God, You Are my One and Only…

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