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A Piece of Mind

Friendship is learning, I heard someone said. I think now I understand what it means. Friendship need you to be an open person, right? By trusting and accepting other people come into our life, even sometimes messing up our business, hehe. In friendship, there are times we fight or encourage each other. It means we will have to learn how to forgive and take care of others.

Friendship is indeed beautiful, but…

Islamic brotherhood is more than wonderful. It’s a miracle.

There is no need for blood or family relation to build it. Everything within it is sweet, no bitterness. You know why? Because ‘iman’ makes those bitternesses tasted sweet, miseries we feel as something we value and cherish. Every single moment in this life becomes meaningful. Every single event happened to us is precious. Every step we take makes us learn something. When you fell you won’t be scared, because there always are brothers and sisters ready to catch you and wake you up. Moreover, that kind of bond will never break as long as we hold on to the faith. It’s not only lasted in this world, but also longer, to the hereafter. ‘Forever’ do comes true in this bond.

That’s why wonderful is not enough to describe Islamic brotherhood.

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Good and Bad

Maskam UGM

gerbang maskam UGM

    Sometimes things do not run as we want
    Somebody may hurt us till the heart’s nearly broken
    Somehow our good intentions seem bad to people

    and because of those…

    sometimes we blame people around
    somebody gets hurt as we take revenge
    somehow our kind souls turn to be darker and full of hatred

    but there is always choice
    to make life different
    to reverse bad to be good

    Just choose and do it!

    wether we will continuously cry over the failure
    or wake up, gather strength, and try to open another door

    wether we will hold the grudge for the whole life
    or forgive the mistakes and be peaceful

    wether we stop trying to be good and be ignorant
    or just walked to spread your flower seeds and wait them to bloom

    Just ask your heart
    It tells you the truth
    as long as the Faith lives in you!

    Jogja in silence of evening
    March 20th, 2012
    -Ika Ari-
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