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What does live mean?

    Whenever I put it in my mind
    the answer never be the same
    sometimes I see it as blessing
    sometimes it becomes so cruel

    whenever I ask about it
    people always turn it around and around
    never meet a point

    once, I feel I’m on it
    another time, I’m going crazy for losing my path

    sometimes, I think I’m adult
    but then I’d rather to be a child

    human is fragile
    no matter male or female
    human can easily broken
    eventhough they hold a lot of power

    what is that?
    how it feels?
    does it matter?
    I…don’t think I know

    Bitter or sweet
    or both
    it goes as a cycle
    once laugh,once cry
    just try to keep move on
    because sometimes things don’t need explanation

    Just believe…
    and flow as the wind blows…

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